Post Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:18 pm

Webinar: Aberrant Staining in Fluidigm's MaxPar Direct

Donor-Specific Aberrant Staining Artifacts with a Lyophilized Mass Cytometry Antibody Panel

High-dimensional mass cytometry (CyTOF) phenotyping allows for the routine measurement of over 40 parameters and is increasingly being utilized across a wide range of studies. Fluidigm recently commercialized its MaxPar Direct Immune Profiling Assay (MDIPA), which comprises a lyophilized 30-marker antibody panel that is able to identify all major circulating immune cell subsets and offers a streamlined solution for standardized human immune monitoring. In the course of applying the MDIPA to characterize large numbers of whole blood samples, we observed several instances of unusual aberrant staining patterns, most notably CD19 expression on non-B cells, which can potentially confound data analysis and lead to erroneous interpretation of results when using this assay.

Join Prof. Adeeb Rahman for a webinar discussion of this complex phenomenon and for suggestions of specific strategies (both technical and bioinformatics) that can be used to mitigate the issue.

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