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Autosampler to run 96 well plates




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Post Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:44 pm

Autosampler to run 96 well plates

Dear all,
We have an A5 autosampler (link to PDF - https://rb.gy/rnqi6v) which allows us to run 96 well plates of samples on the Helios unattended (consideration of the potential risks (clogging) have been made!!).
I was thinking it would be a good approach to try and run samples on the Helios using this as the delivery system in an attempt to improve the efficiency of the system (ie run it for longer and through the night). I was thinking of using CAS instead of water and the wide bore injector to improve the stability of the sample while it waits in the wells. My feeling is cleaning would be an issue...
I would be very interested in discussing this approach with anyone who has some input and / or experience with the A5.
Kind regards



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Post Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:43 am

Re: Autosampler to run 96 well plates

Hi Gareth,

Based on how much CAS builds up on the injector in just a standard 8ish hour workday, I would be concerned about running CAS for 16hr/overnight....even on a WB, I would wonder if it would block (decreasing cell transmission efficiency/cell recovery). I thought Fluidigm spec was to clean the injector every 6-8hr.

Even if it's not a full blockage, it could deflect cells on a sub-optimal trajectory through the plasma, like when you have a misfiring nebulizer (decreasing ion transmission efficiency bc your ion clouds are no longer centered on the cone orifices).

You could test this by running EQ beads or Ir-only cells overnight, and seeing whether you have a nosedive in your cell transmission efficiency and/or ion signal.




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Post Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:48 am

Re: Autosampler to run 96 well plates

Hi Gareth

I was asking Fluidigm about this a little while ago, more to allow unsupervised DIP samples running during the day, rather than overnight.

Was told this by a FAS:
The Autosampler was not validated to work with the MDIPA or CAS. I am checking with the product team, but I imagine that there would be some optimisation involved in terms of setup.

Don’t know if there are any updates from Fluidigm, on the autosampler but I haven’t really had time to play with it to see


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