Post Sun Jul 26, 2020 3:10 pm

Friendly Analysis of CyTOF Data Using the Astrolabe Platform

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The Astrolabe Cytometry Platform is a fast, reliable tool for the analysis of high-complexity cytometry data. Our customer-focused team provides the expertise of a computational biologist, and our platform provides efficient, reproducible results in 1-2 hours. Astrolabe allows researchers to pinpoint biological insights with our intuitive interface and access paper-ready data visualizations with the click of a mouse. The platform uses cloud-based computing and peer-reviewed, published, state-of-the-art algorithms to liberate flow and mass cytometry data.

Astrolabe is different from other platforms by being completely automated and standardized. You do not need to draw any gates, choose algorithms, or set parameters. The platform is designed as a staging ground for your data: The goal is to get you to the results you need in a few hours, compared to weeks or months of existing pipelines.

Please check out our website and a one-minute introductory video. You're welcome to reach out at if you'd like to learn more, including about our free trial option.