Post Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:03 pm

Cytoforum access

Hi all,

I've been contacted a few times in recent months by people changing jobs or otherwise losing access to the email attached to their Cytoforum account. Or, forgetting their login information, so they create another account.

That's certainly an option, but especially if you've made a number of posts, you may want to keep the original account going to maintain those links.

1. If you forget your login info, contact me, and we can probably reset it behind the scenes.

2. Your Cytoforum account exists independently of your attached email address: this isn't a license or anything.

As a reminder, as long as you remember your login info:

User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Account Settings brings you to the area where you can change your attached email address.

User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Profile also has a blank for "alternative email"